Jonaco Machine: A Leader in Precision Machining for Aerospace, Medical, Semiconductor, Defense and Precision Industrial Applications.

Since its founding in 1972, Jonaco Machine has been providing leading edge, precision machined components for critical industries and applications. Our primary focus is medium and high complexity precision machining and light assembly in both low and high volumes.

Jonaco has a broad range of production resources, along with strong engineering and process expertise which allows to match the most efficient production equipment and processes to customers’ product requirements. With dedicated and rapid prototype capabilities, Jonaco Machine can take you from concept to production seamlessly with precision and speed.

From precision milling, turning, drilling, tapping and de-burring and secondary processing, customers choose Jonaco Machine as a go-to supplier and partner for precision machined components. Jonaco is a process driven company that highly values “end to end” lean initiatives and has industry leading performance in both quality and delivery.