Jonaco Machine – The Contract Machining Company of Choice for Businesses in Many High-Tech Industries

As a contract machining specialist that serves many crucial industries, Jonaco Machine tracks the market trends that affect our clients so we can adopt the technology and production processes that will best meet their needs. We utilize state-of-the-art manufacturing and inspection equipment, offer versatile precision machining services, and adhere to lean principles so we can produce a vast array of difficult-to-produce, close-tolerance parts with fast, dependable delivery schedules. As such, we’ve demonstrated our ability to meet the specialized contract machining needs of clients in crucial fields such as:

  • Aerospace/aviation
  • Military/defense
  • Medical equipment and devices
  • Other high-technology industries

As part of the hand-in-hand relationship we form with our contract machining clients, we can actively work with them to satisfy their fulfilment needs, utilizing Kanban, minimum/maximum inventory management systems, and other forecasting techniques to ensure adequate product levels at all times. Our clients also appreciate how, as a Demmer Affiliate, we have strong financial stability and continually invest in cutting-edge technology and training for our team, which helps ensure exceptional quality in all the work we do.

Plus, we dedicate a single salesperson to each client’s account. This person will monitor the contract’s production and inventory status in real-time, helping to maintain our 98 percent on-time delivery rate. This account representative also serves as a single point of contact at our company who clients can reach out to any time with questions or requests.

To discuss how our contract machining services can meet the specific needs of your business, contact Jonaco Machine today.