For Aerospace Machining, Look to Jonaco Machine

Jonaco Machine has long been known as a trusted aerospace machining firm. Founded in 1972, we have established ourselves as a global market leader in producing components required for air, flight, and engine data systems; airframes; interior and cargo structures; and many aerospace defense system parts. Our specialty is precision machining medium- to high-complexity parts, and we are able to fulfill low- and high-volume orders, so our aerospace machining clients can rely on us for a wide variety of components.

Jonaco Machine is a distinguished aircraft components manufacturer for the following reasons:

  • Capabilities – Precision milling, turning, drilling, tapping, deburring, and management of external supply and finishing services are among the many services we offer for clients in the aerospace industry.
  • Automation – Our multiple machining centers (MMCs) with automated pallet changes enable one operator to oversee multiple machines at once, reducing labor costs while ensuring consistency. We also utilize state-of-the-art software to optimize machine tool paths, so we can improve cycle times and minimize machining costs to reduce overall component costs.
  • Quality assurance – We monitor and measure quality at all stages of production, utilizing equipment such as inspection probes, top-of-the-line scanning-head CMMs, and vision systems to perform accurate and timely assessments while processes are underway and during final inspections.
  • Engineering – For new applications, product improvements, or cost-reduction projects, Jonaco Machine has the technology and aerospace machining expertise needed to provide the technical support and design assistance you require.

To discuss your aerospace machining needs with our engineering staff, contact Jonaco Machine today. We are a Demmer Corporation Affiliate with sister brands and facilities across the United States and Mexico.