A Trusted Manufacturer of Aircraft Components

Jonaco Machine is highly experienced in manufacturing aircraft components. We’ve served a wide range of aerospace companies since our founding in 1972, establishing Jonaco Machine as a leading producer of components used in flight data, airframe, interior, and cargo systems. With widespread capabilities in precision milling, turning, tapping, and drilling, we manufacture many types of aircraft components, enabling our clients to conveniently obtain a variety of parts from one trusted source. Furthermore, we have a high level of experience producing parts from materials such as aluminum and titanium that are commonly used in aerospace applications. We also offer secondary processes related to electrical discharge machining, deburring, and cleaning, and will manage processes performed by outside manufacturers, providing our clients with completed aircraft components.

At Jonaco Machine, we’re also known for our expertise with precision machining. We consistently maintain close tolerance ranges (within .0002 of an inch) because of our:

  • State-of-the-art technology – We have an array of advanced CNC machining centers, as well as special software for optimizing tool paths.
  • Highly trained staff – We thoroughly train our personnel on the latest techniques and technology to bolster their ability to perform high-precision work.
  • Quality assurance processes – Our quality assurance team utilizes coordinate measuring machines (CMM) and other tools to perform checks throughout the production process, allowing for an accurate reporting of all the required data.

To speak with our engineering team about the aircraft components you require, contact Jonaco Machine today. You can either call us at (952) 448-5544 or submit your contact information below to schedule a consultation.