Custom Machining by Jonaco Machine

For custom machining, look to Jonaco Machine. We’re a Demmer Corporation Affiliate that’s able to manufacture a wide variety of parts for businesses in aerospace, defense, medical device manufacturing, and other industries. Our clients choose us because of our precision and fast turnaround times. When you hire Jonaco Machine for your custom machining project, you can rest assured that all aspects of the work will meet your exact specifications.

Jonaco Machine can provide:

  • Parts ranging from medium to high complexity
  • Orders that vary widely in volume and mix
  • Secondary processes performed in house or by outside manufacturers

If as part of your custom machining project you would like help determining how to produce a part for less money or improve its design so it will perform better, we can assist with that as well. Through our value engineering services, we will ensure that you get the maximum value for your parts at the least possible cost.

At Jonaco Machine, we’re able to serve our clients effectively thanks to the large investments we’ve made in our staff and technology. Our employees undergo extensive training so they will stay up to date on the latest technology and manufacturing methods. We also benefit greatly from our advanced equipment, such as our multiple machining centers, which enable one operator to oversee several machines simultaneously. This practice not only reduces labor costs – saving you money – but it also helps ensure machining consistency.

To learn more about our custom machining services, contact Jonaco Machine today.