Precision Horizontal Machining for Clients in Critical Industries

When businesses want to have their horizontal machining performed by a company that is capable of producing high-precision parts with fast turnaround times, they look to Jonaco Machine. We are an accomplished Demmer Corporate Affiliate that provides many different CNC machining services, including horizontal machining. Our close tolerance ranges (within .0002 of an inch) give our clients confidence that parts will meet their specifications, so the components will perform as intended. Our team consistently achieves outstanding results through our strong emphasis on employee training, utilization of advanced technology, and quality assurance practices.

Jonaco Machine is able to satisfy diverse horizontal machining needs, producing parts ranging in complexity, material, and size. We can supply these parts in low or high volumes, so our clients can get the desired number of the parts they require.

Our team specializes in serving businesses in these fields:

  • Aerospace
  • Defense
  • Medical device manufacturing
  • Industrial

In addition to machining services, we also offer secondary processes such as electrical discharge machining (EDM), deburring, and cleaning. For secondary processes that we don’t perform in house, we can have them completed by an outside group – such as one of the other renowned machine shops in our Demmer network – and closely monitor the project to ensure that the work is finished according to schedule.

To learn more about our horizontal machining services and other capabilities, contact Jonaco Machine today. We are a widely respected CNC machine shop that has served a broad range of clients since its founding in 1972.