Machining Engineers with a Reputation for Excellence

The machining engineers at Jonaco Machine have tremendous expertise in the industries that we serve. We closely monitor trends within markets such as aerospace, defense, and medical device manufacturing, so our machining engineers can stay ahead of the curve and recommend solutions that will give our clients an edge. Regarding our manufacturing capabilities, our team is trained on the latest technology and methods, and we invest heavily in the latest equipment available. These efforts pay off for both us and our clients, as we’re able to serve them in the most efficient manner possible.

You will also benefit from working with the machining engineers at Jonaco Machine because of the emphasis we place on:

  • Versatility – We can produce parts made of many different metals, alloys, and plastics. We can fulfill orders that range widely in volume and mix, ensuring that we can meet your specific needs.
  • Automation – Our emphasis on automation reduces labor costs – lowering the overall costs associated with an order – and helps ensure consistency at all stages. Additionally, our multiple machining centers allow a single operator to oversee several machines at once, streamlining processes significantly.
  • Quality control – Quality checks are performed throughout the production process, ensuring that the parts will meet your exact specifications. At Jonaco Machine, we consistently produce parts within close tolerance ranges (.0002 of an inch).

To schedule a consultation with our machining engineers to discuss how we can meet your needs, contact Jonaco Machine by calling (952) 448-5544 or filling out the form below. We would also be pleased to provide a quote on any parts you require.