Plastic Machining by Jonaco Machine

Plastic machining services are currently in high demand, considering how many parts are now being made from plastic. With modern technology, it’s possible to perform plastic machining with tight tolerances, ensuring parts meet strict specifications. At Jonaco Machine, we’re experienced at producing precision parts from Torlon®, Ultem®, Vespel®, and a wide variety of other plastics. If you would like more information about our plastic machining services, you can schedule a consultation with our engineering team to discuss the specifics of the parts you require.

During your consultation, we can also help you compare the advantages of choosing plastic over other materials. In general, these are the main reasons why plastic is used:

  • Because plastic has a low melting point and is malleable, it’s relatively easy to make the initial piece of plastic the ideal shape before machining is performed.
  • Plastic can come colored, eliminating the need to paint parts after they have been machined.
  • Plastic is lightweight, which is why it’s used in applications such as aerospace and medical device manufacturing where weight is a concern.
  • Plastic is resistant to certain chemical reactions, such as rusting, which makes it a desirable choice for parts that must withstand certain environmental conditions.

In addition to working with plastics, we’re capable of producing parts from aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel, nickel, titanium, and many other metals and alloys. Milling, turning, tapping, and boring are among the many processes we can perform on these materials.

Contact Jonaco Machine today to schedule a consultation about plastic machining or any of our other services.