Precision Manufacturing Specialists Serving Clients Worldwide

Businesses that need precision manufacturing services have long relied on Jonaco Machine, a Demmer Corporation Affiliate based in Chaska, Minnesota. Since our founding in 1972, we have utilized intensive employee training, rigorous quality assurance practices, and advanced technology to reliably produce parts with the utmost precision. Our ability to create parts with close tolerance ranges (within .0002 of an inch) gives businesses in critical fields such as aerospace, defense, and medical equipment manufacturing the confidence they need to know that their parts will meet or exceed all required specifications and perform as intended.

Take the following information into account when comparing Jonaco Machine with other precision manufacturing companies:

  • We are able to fulfill a wide variety of orders, whether they are high or low in mix or volume, so you can rely on us for many different needs.
  • Our strong engineering expertise helps us recommend the ideal design specifications so that we can produce the best parts possible in the most cost-efficient manner.
  • We regularly use multiple machining centers (MMCs) during production, so we can create parts with minimal operator intervention, reducing labor costs and passing along the savings to you.
  • As a Demmer Corporation Affiliate, we are part of a network that includes many other highly regarded precision machining centers throughout the United States and Mexico, which gives us greater access to outside services such as grinding, plating, painting, and heat treating.

Learn more about our precision machining capabilities by contacting Jonaco Machine today. We can schedule a consultation with our engineering team, so you can discuss the design options you have for the parts you require.