April 16, 2021  
 For Immediate Release

Chaska, MN- Jonaco Machine announces the expansion and opening of its second facility in Shakopee, MN.

Anticipating increased demand and addressing needs from existing and new customers, Jonaco Machine has opened and is operational at its new 39,000 square feet facility in Shakopee, MN. The facility was launched with the installment of a highly efficient Makino A61 NX Machining Complex (MMC) along with new turning equipment. Coming off a strong year in 2019, Jonaco was asked by customers to add capacity  and capability  to meet their anticipated growth.


“Our customers and employees are very excited about this natural next step,” said Bill Russell, President of Jonaco Machine. “While the pandemic  has had an impact on our business, we chose to stay the course with our expansion, anticipating the opportunity to address our growth markets and position us well to support new business and our existing customers as the aerospace industry recovers.”


The new location is located  just 15 minutes from the existing Chaska, MN facility, providing efficient operational and management interaction between the two sites.


“The new location allows us to not only add capacity and address growth, but also provides a path to improve our production floor layout and efficiencies at both sites and add special processing capabilities required by our high technology customers” Russell added.

Jonaco Machine now has over 86,000 square feet of manufacturing space and associated equipment and infrastructure to meet the demand for efficient medium to complex precision machining.