Vertical Machining by Jonaco Machine

Vertical machining is performed with a tool in the vertical position. A machine can drill, bore, tap, and mill in this position to create a variety of parts. At Jonaco Machine, we use vertical machining to produce parts ranging in size, shape, material, and complexity, so we can meet a diverse array of needs. Our widespread capabilities are a key reason why businesses hire us over other manufacturers.

When you choose Jonaco Machine’s vertical machining services, you can expect:

  • Precisely made parts – As a parts manufacturer that specializes in serving critical fields such as aerospace and medical device manufacturing, we understand the importance of having parts meet precise specifications so they will perform as intended. You can rely on us for parts made within tight tolerance ranges (.0002 of an inch or less).
  • Fast turnaround times – We’ve invested heavily in automation, our expert staff, and other assets to ensure that we can quickly provide you with the parts you require. Fast turnaround times are a hallmark of Jonaco Machine.
  • Unbeatable client support – You will have an account manager at Jonaco Machine dedicated to tracking all day-to-day activities related to your orders. This individual will make sure that everything is moving along as planned and that you’re being kept up to date throughout the process.

Learn more about our vertical machining services by contacting Jonaco Machine today. We will gladly schedule a consultation to discuss design options for the parts you require.