Precision Machining Services by Jonaco Machine

Jonaco Machine offers precision machining services for critical industries that require difficult-to-produce, close-tolerance parts. At our world-class, 47,500-square-foot facility, we utilize a wide range of vertical/horizontal milling and turning equipment with multi-axis capability to produce medium- to high-complexity components while maintaining tolerance ranges within ±.001”.

Aside from the superior quality of our products, our clients choose us for the versatility of our machining processes. We are known for our capability to produce either high-mix/low-volume or low-mix/high-volume orders, so we can meet the unique needs of virtually any project. Furthermore, we can craft parts from a vast array of metals, alloys, and plastics that perform well in aerospace, medical, and high-technology applications, so we can supply components that have the strength, heat resistance, and other attributes our clients require.

Our manufacturing technologies include:

  • A multi-pallet, horizontal, CNC milling center
  • A 5-axis, vertical, CNC milling center
  • A twin-spindle, multi-axis, CNC lathe
  • CHNC chuckers
  • CNC lathe with 6″ – 12″ chuckers

To keep part costs low, we utilize state-of-the-art software that optimizes our machines’ tool paths so we can improve cycle times and reduce machining costs. We also contain expenses by using multiple machining centers (MMCs) with automated pallet changers that enable one operator to oversee several machines simultaneously, minimizing project labor costs while ensuring machining consistency.

In addition to our traditional precision machining services, we can perform secondary processes such as electrical discharge machining (EDM), deburring, and cleaning. We can also fully coordinate and manage any required outside processes, such as heat treating, grinding, plating, welding, gun drilling, and painting.

To learn more about our machining capabilities, contact Jonaco Machine today. We proudly offer our precision machining services for clients throughout the U.S. and across the globe.