The Benefits of Value Engineering by Jonaco Machine

Jonaco Machine’s value engineering services have reduced part production costs for many businesses. Through our collaborative approach to development, we work closely with clients to produce high-precision parts with little waste in material and time. Backed by many years of experience, our knowledgeable and value-minded engineering team can fine-tune manufacturing processes to streamline production, saving our clients money.

As part of the value engineering process, we can find ways to reduce material costs, cycle time, labor requirements, and the need for secondary processes. Some examples of how we can achieve cost savings include:

  • Adjusting the slope angle of a part
  • Creating a part from a casting instead of bar stock
  • Changing the materials we use to create a part
  • Minimizing the number of parts in a component

At Jonaco Machine, our focus on value engineering fits within our overall commitment to continuous improvement. At all levels of our organization, we use industry-best methodologies and principles to ensure our processes work efficiently and provide value to our clients. For instance, we utilize a highly streamlined, data-driven enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to coordinate all logistics, track machine capacity and utilization, and monitor the progress of all parts through all processes. This system enables us to maximize production capacity while reducing waste and expenses.

To discuss how your business can benefit from our value engineering services, contact Jonaco Machine today. We proudly serve clients in the medical, aerospace/defense, and high-technology industries.